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Establish and maintain good relationships that will strengthen commitment among stakeholders by being transparent in roles and responsibilities in implementing our programs

Holistic Approach
Provide multiple interventions according to the specific needs of the individual

Leadership Development
Develop potential leaders through trainings and mentoring to sustain the ministry

Sustainability & Dependency
Optimize God's resources through education, technical/vocational training, capacity building and job placement towards the development of IGPs and SMEs

Holistic Transformation
Sustainable transformation of the physical, spiritual, emotional, social and intellectual aspect of our stakeholders

Holistic Integrated Approach
Working together in partnership with stakeholders, through multi intervention approaches, linking all AMG ministries and services meeting the specific needs of individuals

Academic Excellence
Giving equal opportunities to learners and staff, developing culture of learning within the organization as our commitment to education of excellence and academic competitiveness

Team Work
Deepening spirituality among staff to open avenues for communication, coordination and planning, achieving harmony and solidarity in diversity in accomplishing task

Active involvement & participation of all the stakeholders in all aspects of the programs

Doing things differently by accomplishing tasks in different manner as other people or organizations are doing it and developing something unique from ordinary things

Compassion to the Poor
In obedience to God, we show compassion, foremost for the poor and the needy because we believe that the poor is an individual created in the image of God who has full potential but cannot fulfill it due to basic rights and personal deprivation