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Pastor Ricardo Valera is one of our church planter in the island of Samar. He has a vision of planting a church in the interior barrio of Luisita. His wife so happened to be a native of the community. Some of her relative is still living in the area. Two of his relatives got save and became member of their church in Lavezares. When these relatives decided to go back to Luisita for some reasons, Pastor Valera thought this is the right time to bring the Gospel to Luisista and let the people there know the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sometime in 2008, Pastor Valera hiked 18 kilometers, for there is no other means of transportation than by foot. He started to share the Gospel to some folks. He even opened a Bible Study in the house of his wife's relatives. But such activities caught the attention of the rebels in the area. They suspected that Pastor Valera was a secret agent of government forces. As a result, they abducted Pastor Valera. He was subjected to intense tactical interrogation. For three days, his family and church members doesn't know his whereabouts. They are just praying that may the good Lord intervene. Providentially, the rebels, after knowing what he believes and the reason why he is doing the ministry in the area, the rebels released the good pastor with warnings that he need to discontinue his activity in the area.

As he went down, the experience of being abducted by the enemies yet released unharmed by the grace of God encouraged him more to continue his evangelistic work in Luisita. What he did is mobilized the church in prayer. After quite sometimes, he went back to the area testing the ground if there is still strong resistance to the Gospel presentation in the community. Some of the local officials saw the importance of spiritual awakening in the community so they encourage Pastor Valera to continue the ministry. They started to visit to the area at least once a month to hold Bible Study at the Barangay Hall. Today two of Pastor Valera's leaders were living in Luisita continuing the work in the area.

You can help Pastor Valera through your prayer, donation and regular sponsorship. Let us joined hands in supporting this man of God and his family!